Episode 13

Published on:

11th Sep 2023

Unlocking Hidden Talent: A Guide to Transformative Workforce Development

EIC hosted an empowering webinar on Thursday, August 10th that highlighted NEW BOOST™ for Hidden Talent, a groundbreaking workforce development program for the BIPOC community.

NEW BOOST™ for Hidden Talent provides customized skills training, career coaching, and job placement support to unlock the potential of talented individuals eager to meaningfully contribute their abilities.

Attendees heard firsthand from program experts on how NEW BOOST™ for Hidden Talent is transforming workforce development by cultivating new career pathways and addressing systemic barriers to employment. The webinar provided valuable insights on implementing impactful workforce training initiatives that open doors, provide equal opportunities, and strengthen local economies.

Panelists include:

Hosted by EIC's David Ponraj, this conversation can now be accessed to gain the same actionable strategies and uplifting stories on empowering BIPOC communities through workforce development that were highlighted during the live event.

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About the Speaker Organizations

Bay Area Workforce Development Board

The Bay Area Workforce Development Board, consisting of selected community representatives, develops a skilled workforce by strategically allocating and coordinating resources to address community needs by working through others for the benefit of all. Bay Area WDB, a non-profit corporation, is the fiscal and administrative agent for funds and programming designed to deliver locally customized job training and workforce development initiatives. Learn more at https://www.bayareawdb.org/.

Abaxent LLC

Abaxent is a tailored Business, Process and Technology Solutions Consultancy. Through our solutions driven approach we leverage our deep network to find the best fitting Technology, People and Products (hardware and software), Process Optimization Solutions and Services offered. Our solutions are designed as individual or tailored bundled services at a competitive price. Learn more at https://www.abaxent-global.com/.

New North, Inc.

New North, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit, regional marketing and economic development corporation that fosters collaboration among private and public sector leaders. New North was created in 2005 by business leaders to implement economic development strategies that leverage regional assets/capacities and engage regional collaborators to maximize the collective economic power of 18 counties. Learn more at https://www.thenewnorth.com/.

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