Episode 22

Published on:

30th Aug 2021

Jeff Bennett: Entrepreneurship-led economic development needs grassroots support

This week, host David Ponraj speaks with Jeff Bennett, president of StartupSac, an initiative he co-founded to grow the startup ecosystem in Sacramento, CA. StartupSac has evolved from a self-funded passion project into a go-to source of entrepreneurial support and an online hub for information and resources about startups in the region. David and Jeff explore the vital role of grassroots organizations like StartupSac in creating a culture of entrepreneurship in a community (and why they should be funded). They discuss models for ecosystem building, challenges around data, and ways to raise awareness about the power of entrepreneurship in economic development strategy.

Learn more about Jeff's work at: startupsac.com

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Learn more about Startup Space at: www.startupspace.us

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