Episode 3

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11th Apr 2023

Dr. Sabrina Robins on African Heritage Inc. & Other Opportunities for MBEs

In this episode, David Ponraj talks with Dr. Sabrina Robins, COO of AbaCor (an Abaxent Co.) and Member Board of Directors of African Heritage Inc. 

Dr. Robins speaks on the connection of underrepresented business owners and workers  to more opportunities. Dr. Robins focuses on a population of society that is marginalized and overlooked in different ways, and she works with companies that have a need for a talented workforce. This helps to increase an employee’s sense of belonging and inclusion and addresses negative turnover.

Dr. Robins is on the board of African Heritage Inc., with a mission to advance the wellbeing of African Americans in NE Wisconsin. Through African Heritage Inc., Dr. Robins has been part of the digital literacy program funded by local workforce development boards. The lack of significant digital literacy skills results in an increased employee turnover rate. Dr. Robins desires to replicate this program, to address the employee turnover concern, based on its successes. From several studies, it has been found that Black and Hispanic individuals were hit the hardest as far as job opportunities, while being faced with a lower earning potential. Dr. Robins is determined to empower these minority workers, to allow them to gain more skillsets and enhance their employability.

Throughout the discussion, Dr. Robins emphasizes her need to keep a strong sense of character and grit. This includes having compassion and being the voice of reason and speaking up for those who are underrepresented and underserved.

Community development and economic development are strongly intertwined, Dr. Robins highlights this in her everyday life while developing her relationships with her local community. She actively serves on committees and boards, and loves being involved in conversations on corporate responsibility and sustainability. She believes in the power to navigate in multiple networks in order to support, share and build the region. In her role, there is a responsibility to contribute to the community, and she carries this into everything she does.

Dr. Sabrina Robins loves to partner with those who share the same mission and values as she, especially those who share the readiness to help others. To connect with Dr. Robins, visit her LinkedIn here, and don’t hesitate to give her a follow!

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